1 USD 1.7000   1 EUR 1.9906   1 AED 0.4628   1 ARS 0.0691   1 AUD 1.2859   1 BRL 0.4661   1 BYN 0.8517   1 CAD 1.3177   1 CHF 1.7133   100 CLP 0.2716   1 CNY 0.2661   1 CZK 0.0772   1 DKK 0.2672   1 EGP 0.0948   1 GBP 2.2728   1 GEL 0.6848   1 HKD 0.2167   100 IDR 0.0120   1 ILS 0.4768   1 INR 0.0249   100 IRR 0.0040   100 JPY 1.5519   1 KGS 0.0249   100 KRW 0.1579   1 KWD 5.6245   1 KZT 0.0052   100 LBP 0.1122   1 MDL 0.1010   1 MXN 0.0868   1 MYR 0.4268   1 NOK 0.2096   1 NZD 1.1767   1 PLN 0.4619   1 RUB 0.0276   1 SAR 0.4533   1 SDR 2.4123   1 SEK 0.1940   1 SGD 1.2681   1 TJS 0.1893   1 TMT 0.4857   1 TRY 0.3585   1 TWD 0.0568   1 UAH 0.0651   100 UZS 0.0208   1 XAG 28.2447   1 XAU 2214.2925   1 XPD 1664.5040   1 XPT 1549.0740   1 ZAR 0.1367   
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Rashad Jumshudov

Director of development department ICB «NIKOIL»
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Dilara Zamanova

Head of Corporate Communication Division «AtaHolding» OJSC
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Chimnaz Gasimova

HR Consultant, Coach, Trainer
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Expert of a labor market
Kseniya Trohimets

Marketing supervisor in the region of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, Jobs.Day.Az jointly with hh.ru
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AccessBank launches “This summer will smile at you!” campaign

Paying with the Bank’s cards you get opportunity to acquire valuable prizes

Baku, FinanceTime. Do you want to win Smartphone implementing purchase in the country and abroad? Do you want to win a pad ordering goods via Internet? Do you want to gain a chance to travel to Antalya only having dinner with friends? 

You have this opportunity owing to the lottery drawn by AccessBank.

In light of the 15th anniversary AccessBank launches campaign named “This summer will smile at you!” within which the customers may win 8 Samsung Galaxy pads, 4 Apple IPhone smartphones and 2 double travel vouchers to the Turkish Antalya city. 

İndividuals may participate at the lottery implementing cashless operations from June 22 to August 20 inclusively in any point of trade and service as well as ordering goods and services online both within and out of the country using any type of MasterCard issued by AccessBank. 

For participating at the lottery the total amount non-cash payments implemented within the aforesaid term have to be not less than AZN 20. Different payments in total amount of AZN 20 grants one participation chance to its holder. The number of chances is not limited.     

The lottery consists of two stages. The chances acquired during the operations implemented from June 22 to July 20 inclusively will be drawn on 31.07.2017 and, from July 21 to August 20 inclusively will be drawn on 30.08.2017. 

MasterCard payment cards of AccessBank differing with own competitiveness allow benefiting myAccess online-banking, SMS-notification, Card-to-Card, Cash by Code, 3D Secure and other services.

Pay with MasterCard payment cards of AccessBank and this summer will smile at you!

The detailed information about the terms of the lottery are available on the Bank’s official Internet-page, Facebook and twitter pages, as well as from Call Center 151.  

AccessBank was founded in 2002 by the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, EBRD, IFC, KfW, a German consulting company LFS Financial Systems and AccessHolding. Being one of the leading banks of Azerbaijan, AccessBank offers a full range of banking services.


Diana Cazacu
Expert of consulting company "Advision Finance"

Jahangir Ganizadeh
Director of the Project Division of "AtaTechnology"

Damla Bayik
Sales & Marketing Director of "Aura Wellness Centre"

Mehmet Ayan
Food & Beverage Manager of "Green House"

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