1 USD 1.7000   1 EUR 2.0016   1 AED 0.4628   1 ARS 0.0697   1 AUD 1.2879   1 BRL 0.4623   1 BYN 0.8511   1 CAD 1.3299   1 CHF 1.7054   100 CLP 0.2671   1 CNY 0.2666   1 CZK 0.0779   1 DKK 0.2688   1 EGP 0.0949   1 GBP 2.2805   1 GEL 0.6967   1 HKD 0.2166   100 IDR 0.0120   1 ILS 0.4757   1 INR 0.0250   100 IRR 0.0040   100 JPY 1.5323   1 KGS 0.0248   100 KRW 0.1577   1 KWD 5.6263   1 KZT 0.0052   100 LBP 0.1127   1 MDL 0.1015   1 MXN 0.0857   1 MYR 0.4275   1 NOK 0.2109   1 NZD 1.1811   1 PLN 0.4668   1 RUB 0.0276   1 SAR 0.4533   1 SDR 2.4116   1 SEK 0.1957   1 SGD 1.2679   1 TJS 0.1892   1 TMT 0.4857   1 TRY 0.3709   1 TWD 0.0568   1 UAH 0.0652   100 UZS 0.0209   1 XAG 27.9847   1 XAU 2191.5635   1 XPD 1682.3030   1 XPT 1523.3785   1 ZAR 0.1345   
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Rashad Jumshudov

Director of development department ICB «NIKOIL»
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Dilara Zamanova

Head of Corporate Communication Division «AtaHolding» OJSC
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Chimnaz Gasimova

HR Consultant, Coach, Trainer
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Expert of a labor market
Kseniya Trohimets

Marketing supervisor in the region of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, Jobs.Day.Az jointly with hh.ru
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Unibank is picked as the most innovative bank of the year

Baku, FinanceTime. The bank card that Unibank is offering was picked as the most creative and innovative one in the Azeri card market in the contest held by MasterCard.

Apart from winning the first prize for its cards, Unibank also carried the hog in another of the five nominations: the bank was pronounced the leader of the year in MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Standard card sales. The research done by MasterCard says that Unibank raised the number of its MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Standard cards during 2016.

One of the most innovative banks of Azerbaijan, Unibank tailors its banking services and products to clients’ needs and desires to make life maximally easy and fine on its clients. Now, the Unibank clients can use more than 90% of the banking facilities without actually having to call at the bank. This is possible thanks to the Unibank Mobile, one of the best mobile apps out there in CIS and one of the most advanced mobile services in the banking sector of Azerbaijan. Besides, the Unibank Mobile makes things easier for unincorporated entrepreneurs as well as they, too, can use more than 50 banking services and products and never have to come to the bank at that. The Unibank Mobile Business app lets them take care of their accounts and use the services of the Bank on their mobiles 24 hours a day. 

The Unibank Mobile is supported by iOS and Android. Download and install the Unibank Mobile on your tablet, phablet or smartphone (http://onelink.to/ffdbwf)  and rid yourself of routine.

For details please call us at (012) 117, visit our website (www.unibank.az) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/unibank.az) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/unibank)

Unibank Mobile –сloser than the bank!

Unibank- the bank for everyone!

Diana Cazacu
Expert of consulting company "Advision Finance"

Jahangir Ganizadeh
Director of the Project Division of "AtaTechnology"

Damla Bayik
Sales & Marketing Director of "Aura Wellness Centre"

Mehmet Ayan
Food & Beverage Manager of "Green House"

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