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Rashad Jumshudov

Director of development department ICB «NIKOIL»
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Dilara Zamanova

Head of Corporate Communication Division «AtaHolding» OJSC
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Chimnaz Gasimova

HR Consultant, Coach, Trainer
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Expert of a labor market
Kseniya Trohimets

Marketing supervisor in the region of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, Jobs.Day.Az jointly with hh.ru
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Other news

Azerbaijan Public Relations Assosiation Public Union was established with participation of PR specialists of well-known companies

Baku, Finance Time. Azerbaijan Public Relations Assosiation was established in the next meeting of PR specialists of well known companies held in “Excelsior Hotel Baku” on June 7, 2016.

PR managers of “AtaHolding”,  “Veysaloglu”, “Excelsior Hotel  Baku”,   “Pasha Hayat Insurance”, Bakcell,  “AtaBank”, “Caspian Development Bank”, “Hed Academy” and head of “Alibayov Communication & Consulting”  company took part in the meeting.The tasks  about establishing of Azerbaijan Public Relation Association  and forthcoming duties of  assosiation  was discussed in the meeting.

Head of  Public Relations division of “Veysaloglu” Holding  and simultaneously the chairman of  APRA  Ilham Mammadzade noted that new established Azerbaijan Public Relation Association will give its contribution to the development of PR sphere in Azerbaijan. The Assosiation  will be a member of international PR associations too.  I. Mamedov also noted that the main purpose of  establishing the organization is  to improve the education in the sphere of Public Relations, creating the condition for increasing  personnel potential  and to achieve the development of this sphere from view of comprehensive,quality and quantity.   

Head of Corporate Communication division  of “AtaHolding”   noted that  there was necessity for establishing the association for uniting of  PR agencies and PR structures in the professional level and coordinating  their activity.We decided to use our skills and practice  gained in a long period of our activity in the future activity of assosiation.

It was considered that  assosiation  will help to follow high professional and etic standards   in the sphere  PR application. Condition will be created for qualitative increase of   national specialists. Different courses, trainings, seminars, conferences  will be organized for education of association members.

Besides,  relations with government and non government organizations, periodical press, electronic media  will be established,   cooperation with them  and   mutual projects  will be  realized.


Diana Cazacu
Expert of consulting company "Advision Finance"

Jahangir Ganizadeh
Director of the Project Division of "AtaTechnology"

Damla Bayik
Sales & Marketing Director of "Aura Wellness Centre"

Mehmet Ayan
Food & Beverage Manager of "Green House"

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